Makey-Makey Madness

Last May, members of the GRAETC committee came together in Hanover to learn about creativity and invention from certified Makey-Makey trainers. It was an incredibly fun day full of collaboration and laughter. At the end of the day, everyone left with a Makey-Makey kit and lots of ideas for sharing this incredibly versatile tool with teachers and students.

Makey-Makey is the brainchild of Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum, two friends who wanted to give everyone a chance to invent something new and change the world. Working with collaborators at the MIT Media Lab, they created a device that is affordable and easy to use. Incorporating everyday materials such as aluminum foil, rubber bands, cardboard, tape, and basic coding skills, anyone can make a unique creation with a Makey-Makey.

While the Makey-Makey may sound like just a fun toy, it is a great tool for introducing students to coding and physical computing. The easy interface with the Scratch programing language makes it accessible to students at any age. Projects can be very simple, or incredibly complex. Students can work individually, or in extensive collaborative teams. For an inspirational example of what can be created, check out the Hallway Symphony project.

If you are interested in learning more about Makey-Makey and many other creative tools, consider attending our EdTechRVA conference on March 7.


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