Join Students Worldwide in the Hour of Code

“Computational thinking helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic, and creativity. And technology is transforming every industry on the planet. Students today should learn how to create technology, not just use it. By starting early, they’ll have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path (, 2020, para. 8).” To date, only 45% of schools offer coding courses and females make-up approximately 25% of those taking computer science courses and those in the workforce, yet 50% of those participating in Hour of Code are female, and it reaches more than 1 million students each year! Hour of Code is designed to build interest in the computer science field and to show that anyone can code.

I hope you’ll join us for the #HourofCode this year during Computer Science Education Week, December 7-11th.

Hour of Code is one component of Computer Science Education Week that is designed to encourage students to spend one communal hour learning to program. Lessons are pre-made, easy-to-use, engaging, and themed to reach all levels of learners.  Lessons are created for coding in an 1:1 environment, a one computer classroom, or a no computer classroom! With contributions from Scratch, CSFirst, and Kahn, and themes from Moana to Minecraft, Barbie to Star Wars, Lego, Monster High, Angry Birds, and more, there is something for everyone!

Click here to learn how your district, school, classroom, or family can join the more than 1,068,205,970 individuals who have taken part in this endeavor. There is no cost and activities can be completed at any time during Computer Science Education Week.

Authorship Information

Beth Sepelyak has been with Chesterfield County Public Schools for 18 years and has been in instructional technology for the past 14 years.  She, her three children, parents, and grandparents all attended Grange Hall Elementary and are proud graduates of CCPS.  She has volunteered with GRAETC for the last 6 years.

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