Plugged in for Success: EdTechRVA 2024!

Educators from Region 1 of Virginia and beyond gathered at Reynolds Community College on March 13, 2024 to attend EdTechRVA 2024 to share their experiences, challenges, and breakthroughs surrounding educational technology and innovation in schools. Our conference kicked off with an outstanding opening keynote by Dontrese Brown, co-founder of Hidden in Plain Site and CEO of Brown Baylor. With over 300 attendees, this conference served as a catalyst for innovation, exposing them to cutting-edge technologies, from artificial intelligence and virtual reality to gamification and adaptive learning platforms. Over 40 unique workshops, demonstrations, and interactive sessions empowered educators to harness technology tools effectively, enhancing teaching practices and student engagement. The conference feedback was extremely positive, with attendees expressing appreciation for the presenters’ expertise, enthusiasm for the new conference venue, and excitement for future EdTechRVA conferences. We had an extremely successful EdTechRVA 2024 and look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Authorship Information

Catherine Richards is the Lead Instructional Technology Coach for Goochland County Public Schools. She has been in an instructional technology coaching role for 7 years and received the 2022 VSTE Coach of the Year Award. Prior to this role, she was a classroom teacher for 10 years.

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