Look Who’s Presenting (14th ed.)

“Amplifying Thinking Routines with Technology Tools”
Thursday 4:50 with Debbie Tannenbaum, Fairfax County

Project Zero’s Thinking Routines promote students’ thinking by taking what students have read or learned about and have them synthesize their thoughts to make their thinking visible. Come to this session and discover when and how using technology tools can amplify the use of these routines. Empower your learners to new levels as you learn to combine thinking routines and technology tools.

“Empowering Creation with the 3 Cs”
Wednesday 5:30 with Debbie Tannenbaum, Fairfax County

How can educators use technology to promote creation with their students? What tech tools are best for students to use while creating? These questions and more will be focused on in this interactive session. Learn about Debbie’s essential 3 Cs- choice, collaborative and clickable and see how they can help you develop a more creation centered classroom..

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