Look Who’s Presenting (4th ed.)

“Sharing is Caring – #GoOpenVA Cares a Lot!”
Tuesday 5:30 with Jean Weller, Virginia Department of Education

Grow yourself! Nurture others! The session Sharing is Caring – #GoOpenVA Cares a Lot! at EdTechRVA 2022 will show you how to keep learning fresh and green.

“You’ve Earned It! – Using Digital Badges as a Visual Representation”
Tuesday 4:50 with Krystle Pearson, Brunswick County

Digital Badges have become powerful motivational tools in education. Join us as we provide a step-by-step overview of getting started with digital badges. From creation to celebrations, and even social recognitions; we will share the best way to jump-start your initiative and how to maintain the morale of using digital badges.

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