Look Who’s Presenting (18th ed.)

“What do 90% of kids have in common? Learn how to Break Barriers, Expand Equity and Engage Struggling Students using Game-Based Learning”
Thursday 4:50 with Joselyn Whetzel, Vendor Presentation – Legends of Learning

Why do we ask teachers to use hands-on, interactive techniques in the classroom? Because they tap into the natural human instinct to learn through experience. Gaming is a powerful medium that generates engagement and builds confidence. In this session, we’ll discuss how to integrate an exciting game-based learning platform into your curriculum to give your students the superpower of knowledge!

“Create with Book Creator”
Thursday 4:50-6:00 with Katie Fielding, Prince William County Schools

Video about my Book Creator Session: https://flipgrid.com/s/KPt-tQyPoxf5

“A 6-pack of Tools That Can Transform Your Classroom & Student Engagement”
Thursday 5:30 with Patrick Hausammann, Clarke County

This fast-paced session will bypass how-tos to show you powerful uses of a 6-pack of amazing tech tools to transform your classroom! Come get that 6-pack you’ve always wanted without even 1 trip to the gym (admit it, you were thinking of a different 6-pack :-)!

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