Call For Proposals – EXTENDED

Submit by January 11th

That’s right. Mark your calendars! March 8-10th, 4pm-6pm. Our virtual sessions were such a hit last year, that we are doing it again this year!

You are invited! We would love to have you as a vendor, participant, and/or presenter!

Would you be interested in presenting? Presenters can be teachers, ITRTS, administrators, central office staff…the list goes on! We’d love for you to share your expertise! Submit Your Proposal Here!

Here are our 5 Session Formats for EdTechRVA 2022:

  1. Inspire (15 min) – Think,TED Talk. The floor is all yours!
  2. Interactive Lecture (30 min) – Your typical format presentation.
  3. Interactive Lecture (60 min) – These sessions will be heavy on hands-on experiences and participant discussion. These session will have a Part I (30m), then a Part 2 (30m).
  4. Asynchronous Poster -These sessions will be available whenever for you to pop in and check out! No presentation, per se, but an informational website or slide deck!
  5. On-Demand (30 min) – These sessions will be pre-recorded, asynchronous, with the presenter available to answer questions.
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