GRAETC School Divisions Highlighted on Digital Learning Day

February 23 marks the 6th annual Digital Learning Day across the United States. This is a day to celebrate innovative instructional practices that promote effective uses of technology in learning environments. From CAD to coding, digital technologies provide learning opportunities and access to experiences never before imagined.

This year, GRAETC is joining VSTE through their regional partnership in showcasing digital learning across Virginia. The day will kick off with a visit to Mr. Frago’s classroom in Goochland, where students will share their excitement for using Scrum to participate in collaborative projects in their 1:1 iPad classroom. The digital tour will then take us to Hanover County, where students in Ms. Yarbrough’s classroom will tell us about their Ozobots adventures through learning mazes. The next stop will be Powhatan County, were AP Computer Science students will give us a tour of their new makerspace and showcase some of their favorite technologies. We will then bounce back to Hanover County, where students in Ms. Gemmill’s classroom will tell us about Ozobots navigating through The Gollywopper Games. Later in the day, we will visit Wilder Middle School in Henrico County, where students are learning about coordinate planes by coding with Sphero robots. The Digital Learning Day celebration in Virginia will close with a showcase of VSTE award winners. Back in December, Matt Carattachea was selected as Innovative Educator of the Year. Our very own Ann Nash was selected as Outstanding Teacher of the Year.

The full schedule of live broadcasts can be found here:

9: 00 am: Scrum in the Classroom – Goochland County

9:30 am: Coding with Ozobots – Hanover County

10:15 am: Makerspaces – Powhatan County

10:45 am:  It’s a Blue Bot World – Hanover County

11:30 am: Mark Saunders, Director, Office of Technology and Virtual Learning

1:00 pm: Using Spheros for Content Learning– Henrico County

2:00 pm:  Bobby Keener, Chief Technology Innovations Officer, VDOE

7:30 pm:  VSTE Award Winners: Ed Tech Initiatives

Be sure to tune in for Digital Learning Day and see what GRAETC counties are doing in Virginia to passionately support connected learning!

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